Line 6 GuitarPort

Power Pack

Power Pack Amp & Cab Models:
The premiere suite for your GuitarPort, the Power Pack takes you up to the same model set as POD® XT. Altogether, Power Pack delivers 19 additional amp models and 26 more effects models - that's a total of 36 amp models and 50 stompbox and studio effects! Imagine the hours you'll spend with the vibey 1960 Tiny Tweed or the mayhem you'll unleash with Line 6® Lunatic. Life will be sweet with the 60's classic Octave Fuzz or the modern Line 6-exclusive, Sweep Echo. And there will still be plenty more to enjoy with the Double Verb, Plexi Variac, Stereo Delay, Auto Wah and more.

Line 6 Clean

1968 Plexi Variac'd

Line 6 Mood

1993 Match D-30

1965 Double Verb

1960 Class A-15

1965 Plexi 45

Line 6 Variax Acoustic

1996 Match Chief

Line 6 Class A

1960s Super O

1960 Tiny Tweed

Line 6 Agro

1973 Hiway 100

Line 6 JTS-45

1996 Brit JM Pre

2001 Zen Master

1985 Cali Crunch

1960 Two-Tone

Line 6 Lunatic

Power Pack Effect Models:
Each of the Model Packs comes jam packed with a great assortment of models destined to inspire your playing. When installed, these models are available in addition to all of the original models already in the GuitarPort software. The complete list of models for the Power Pack appears below.


Octave Fuzz

Blue Comp

Red Comp

Auto Swell

Auto Wah



Analog Chorus

Jet Flanger

Bias Tremolo

Rotary Drum

Auto Pan



Analog Delay

Multi-Head Delay

Sweep Echo

Stereo Delay

Ping Pong Delay

Reverse Delay



Lux Spring

King Spring

Small Room

Tiled Room

Dark Hall

Large Hall

Rich Chamber


Vintage Plate

Large Plate